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We love collaborating with psychiatrists, psychiatric NPs, psychotherapists, PCPs, and other providers to deliver world-class care to their patients. Read on to learn more about the referral process for your patients.

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Why Partner With Us?

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In the world of mental health treatment, it’s not uncommon for patients to only partially improve despite months of traditional psychotropic medications and/or psychotherapy. This is where ketamine treatment comes into play. Ketamine has been demonstrated to effectively augment traditional mental health treatment and improve patient outcomes.

At Innerwell, we offer safe and convenient at-home ketamine treatment for patients who are already in medication management and/or talk therapy. The most common conditions we treat include depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Healing In Action

How Our Collaborative Care Model Works

We love collaborating with psychiatrists, psychiatric NPs, psychotherapists, PCPs, and other providers to deliver world-class care to their patients. As part of our collaborative model, you’ll have access to our online community of providers, where we provide educational materials and opportunities to discuss psychedelic-assisted therapy. There is no cost to you to collaborate with us and join our community.

Follow Their Journey

During your patient’s journey with us, you’ll periodically receive a Treatment Summary outlining their treatment, areas of improvement, and progress toward their goals.

Measure What Matters

Through our mental health app, we regularly track patients’ mood, symptoms (through standardized rating scales including PHQ-9 and GAD-7), and response to ketamine treatment.

Connecting The Dots

You’ll be able to review this data throughout your patient’s time at Innerwell. Our providers are always just a phone call or Zoom chat away.

The Healing Journey

How Innerwell Treatment Works

Treatment at Innerwell consists of 8 or 24 treatments of oral ketamine at home, typically on a weekly or twice weekly basis.

Let's Work Together

How To Get Started

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If you have a patient who you believe would benefit from ketamine treatment, please click the button below to refer them, or have them reach out directly by filling out our Patient Screener.

Once complete, they will be able to book a consultation with one of our psychiatric clinicians during which they will provide a detailed medical and psychiatric history to ensure they’re suitable for treatment. You may also be contacted by their psychiatric clinician to provide additional information about their history. Once your patient is deemed suitable for treatment, they’ll be able to begin their healing journey at Innerwell in close collaboration with you as their referring provider.

We’re incredibly grateful for your consideration to collaborate with us and entrust us with your patients’ care.

Dr. Michael Cooper
Meet Our Medical Director

Dr. Michael Cooper

Dr. Michael Cooper completed psychiatry residency at NYU, where he was a therapist on the psilocybin-assisted therapy for alcoholism study and subsequently completed ketamine-assisted psychotherapy training. Dr. Cooper believes everyone has the potential to become the best version of themselves, and the road toward self-actualization doesn't need to be traveled alone. Through a trusting therapeutic alliance, he helps patients fully understand their own narratives and realize that their stories can be rewritten.

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