At-home Ketamine Therapy in Oregon

Have traditional medications only helped you cope when what you actually want is to move beyond? Innerwell provides at-home ketamine treatment for anxiety, depression, PTSD, and more at less than half the cost of traditional in-person treatment.

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At-home Ketamine Therapy
Licensed experts with specialized training

The most trusted name in Oregon for ketamine therapy

Dr. Michael Cooper

Innerwell Medical Director

Marchell Rene Spielmann, NP

Licensed Psychiatric Clinician

Rachael Duran, NP

Licensed Psychiatric Clinician

Veronica Newsom, LMFT

Licensed Psychotherapist

Lacie Hamilton, LMHC

Licensed Psychotherapist

Licensed experts with specialized training

At Innerwell, you'll get access to the highest quality of care from a team of licensed psychiatric clinicians and psychotherapists. With extensive training in psychedelics, your personal care team will help you harness the potential of ketamine to bring about meaningful changes in your life.

Bespoke care that fits your lifestyle

At Innerwell, we understand that each patient has a distinct set of circumstances and goals that must be addressed for lasting change. Our personalized ketamine therapy programs are designed to provide customized care tailored to your unique needs.

Care that adapts to how you're doing

When you use the Innerwell patient portal to track your moods and symptoms, your care team monitors your progress over time and adjusts your treatment and dosage accordingly, based on how well you are responding to the therapy. This ensures that your treatment program is continuously tailored to your individual needs.

Unlock the power of psychedelic medicine

Unlock the power of psychedelic medicine

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Foundation Program

As low as


A flexible, at-home ketamine treatment program that’s personalized for you. Choose our convenient monthly payment plan, or save an extra $100 by paying in full.

    • 8 Self-guided ketamine treatments
    • 3 Psychiatric clinician consults & anytime messaging
    • 1 Expert-led psychotherapy session
    • Ongoing measurement to optimize your care
    • The Innerwell Box (a $100 value)

Am I a candidate?

The Innerwell App

The most advanced psychedelic medicine available in Oregon

Imagine your psychiatrist, your therapist, and your health tracking apps working in unison in one convenient place so that you can experience a better outcome. Mental health is complex, and we’re finally bringing it under one roof, superpowered by cutting-edge medicine.


of patients report improvements in depression and anxiety within 4 weeks.

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From Portland to Medford, Innerwell is here to help with an expert team that's invested in your outcome.
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Innerwell treats what stands between you and a lighter mind

Psychedelic therapy is proven to help with an incredible variety of mental health issues. See if you’re a fit. It only takes a few minutes, and it could change everything.

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