At-home Ketamine Treatment for Depression

Traditional antidepressants can take months to work and sometimes have no effect. Or worse, they can make you feel emotionally flat and not like yourself. Ketamine works differently, and rapidly. After taking ketamine, many patients with depression report feeling like a dark cloud has been lifted and they finally feel like themselves again.

How It Works

How Ketamine Helps Heal Depression

Rapid Effects

Ketamine has been found to have rapid antidepressant effects, showing visible improvements within hours of receiving treatment.

Mood Regulation

Ketamine works by blocking certain receptors in your brain which can help regulate mood and emotions, leading to sustained improvements in depression symptoms. It works in your brain differently than traditional antidepressants like SSRIs.

Increased Neuroplasticity

Ketamine has been shown to increase neuroplasticity, your brain's ability to heal and form new connections. This makes it easier to cope with  emotional distress and build healthier habits.

Our Unique Process

A process specially tailored to boost the effects of ketamine

Through expert 1:1 therapy with our specially trained psychotherapists, smart dosing windows, and personalized dosing algorithms, we help you get more out of periods of neuroplasticity so that you can move beyond what’s holding you back and live a new life.

Unlock the power of psychedelic medicine

Unlock the power of psychedelic medicine

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Foundation Program

As low as


A flexible, at-home ketamine treatment program that’s personalized for you. Choose our convenient monthly payment plan, or save an extra $100 by paying in full.

    • 8 Self-guided ketamine treatments
    • 3 Psychiatric clinician consults & anytime messaging
    • 1 Expert-led psychotherapy session
    • Ongoing measurement to optimize your care
    • The Innerwell Box (a $100 value)

Am I a candidate?

Real Patients, Real Results
Real Patients, Real Results

I’m truly blown away. In 20 years of battling depression nothing has had such a rapid, profound and seemingly meaningful effect on me. Cannot thank you enough!

Rachel Y.
California Patient
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