Why Innerwell?

Mental healthcare that heals from the root

Symptoms are what hurt, but they aren’t where the hurt comes from. Innerwell’s unmatched, comprehensive approach melds psychedelic medicine with technology and talk therapy to heal you from the inside.

Our Seamless Solution

Your mental healthcare outlook, finally in full focus

When your psychiatrist, therapist and health apps work in unison, psychedelic medicine can work its magic. Innerwell brings all the pieces into focus, so you can address root causes and track your improvement.

Enjoy a richer, more effective everyday mental health routine, with direct access to each member of your dedicated care team, plus immersive soundscapes, mindfulness content, breathing exercises and easy-to-do meditations.

Innerwell does more with ketamine

A process specially tailored to boost the effects of ketamine

Through 1:1 therapy, smart dosing windows, and personalized dosing algorithms, we help you get more out of periods of neuroplasticity so that you can move beyond what’s holding you back and live a new life.


Big change starts with expertise, care, and belief

Focus on healing, from wherever you’re most comfortable

Psychedelic therapy is far more successful when you’re in control, so Innerwell removes the roadblocks. No friction, no waiting room. Just you, the comfy place of your choosing, and your connected experience–at a fraction of the cost of in-office psychedelic medicine.

It’s time to find a lighter mind

There’s light on the horizon – and a community of people with lived and learned experience behind you. Whenever we’re needed we’ll be there. And sometimes when we think you might need us, we’ll check in.

Innerwell is honored to be your guide to a lighter mind.