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The path to healing isn't always a straight line, but it doesn't have to be a circle. Get at-home EMDR from licensed experts who will continuously optimize your care based on your mood and symptoms. Start feeling better, faster with a new approach to online EMDR.

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Clinically-proven EMDR treatment from licensed experts.

What is EMDR?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a psychotherapy approach that has been developed to help individuals who have experienced traumatic events. It involves a structured process where the therapist guides the patient's eye movements while the patient recalls distressing memories. EMDR aims to facilitate the adaptive processing of traumatic memories, reducing their emotional impact and promoting psychological healing.

How does EMDR help patients heal?

EMDR targets distressing memories associated with trauma. Through bilateral stimulation, typically achieved through eye movements, the therapy facilitates the integration of these memories into the person's overall memory network. This process allows for the resolution of emotional distress associated with the memories, as well as symptom reduction.

Our approach to EMDR

EMDR is typically delivered one to two times per week for a total of 6-12 sessions. Innerwell’s psychotherapists are expertly trained in EMDR and follow a science-backed treatment protocol. Whether your symptoms are mild or severe, our therapists can provide the life-changing care you need to overcome PTSD. It is easy to try one session to see if it might work for you.


We're here to make unlocking the magic of a lighter mind simple.

Dr. Michael Cooper

Medical Director

Andrew Chansky, MD

Clinical Supervisor

Carrie Ademski, NP

Licensed Psychiatric Clinician

Kevin Santos, NP

Licensed Psychiatric Clinician

Christine Villarosa, NP

Licensed Psychiatric Clinician

Choose from a diverse range of licensed experts

Our licensed psychotherapists are handpicked for their ability to deliver best-in-class mental health care. Often available in as little as 24 hours, you'll be able to browse licensed experts in your state and choose who you'd like to work with.

Add support from a psychiatric clinician

Looking to explore medications that can complement the mental health journey you're on with EMDR? Add a psychiatric clinician to your care team at any time and get collaborative care for all of your mental health needs.

Go deeper with specialized treatments

Are traditional approaches not helping you find your breakthrough? Explore cutting edge approaches to healing like ketamine treatment that can help you find the breakthrough you need.

The Innerwell App

A digital home for all that lies ahead

Imagine your psychiatrist, your therapist, and your health tracking apps working in unison in one convenient place so that you can experience a better outcome. Mental health is complex, and we’re finally bringing it under one roof, superpowered by cutting-edge medicine.


I’ve been using Innerwell. Absolutely wonderful experience and I will be a champion and advocate for this forever! Excited to see what the future holds

Reddit user

I’m truly blown away. In 20 years of battling depression nothing has had such a rapid, profound, and seemingly meaningful effect on me. Cannot thank you enough!

Rachel Y.

My experience has been incredible, and I could not be happier...Coming out the other end of this journey...I’ve already seen many benefits in my day to day life.

Reddit user

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