24 Dose Extended Program

$173$154/week billed monthly for 3 months$83 per treatment

A comprehensive ketamine treatment program under the expert care of a specially trained psychiatric clinician along with guidance from our innovative suite of digital tools. Your psychiatric clinician will utilize our dosing algorithm to tailor your experiences to your individual situation and treatment goals. When combined with our carefully crafted music playlists, guided meditations, and journaling exercises, your opportunities for healing are limitless.

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Your Journey with the Extended Program

Preparing to Look Inside

If you’re here, you’re probably eager to get rolling with psychedelic medicine. We make the first steps of the process as easy as possible, because knowing that you’re ready is hard work.

  1. Fill Out the Innerwell Screener

    Filling out the screener only takes a few minutes, and it lets us determine if psychedelic medicine is a good fit for you.

  2. Build Your Care Team

    Explore our host of expert psychiatric clinicians and therapists to find the perfect fit, then collaborate on a program tailored specifically to your unique situation and treatment goals.

  3. Receive Your Innerwell Box & Medicine

    Unbox everything you need for comfortable at-home psychedelic treatment, including your first two doses, a plush Innerwell eye mask, a journal, pen, phone stand, and blood pressure cuff.

A First Look Inside

Your Care Team works to make every dose day perfect, but a special degree of care and thought goes into your first. The preparation you’ve done should make this a major milestone.

  1. Experiencing Dose #1

    Begin your experience by launching the Innerwell Portal, where we’ll guide you through a few safety checks and some mental readiness exercises to elevate your first dose day.

  2. Tracking Your Purpose

    After your first dose day, complete daily mood tracking and periodic mental health questionnaires so your care team can optimize and craft your treatment in real-time.

  3. Dialing In Your Dose

    As you proceed through treatment, your psychiatric clinician will adjust your dose based on your healing, sometimes higher or lower, but always forward.

Healing for a Lifetime

This is a beautiful and enlightening process, and you may never want it to end. With Innerwell, fill the time between treatment with all types of healing and growth.

  1. Integrating Your Experience with Expert Therapy

    Meet with one of our licensed therapists at any point during your healing journey. Your therapist will create a safe, judgment-free environment to share your history, goals, and hopes for healing.

  2. Checking In With Your Psychiatric Clinician

    You’ll meet with your psychiatric clinician monthly to discuss your progress and symptoms, but you can also talk with them securely at any time during treatment via direct messaging in the Innerwell Portal.

  3. Healing Each Day With the Innerwell Portal

    Decompress with guided meditations from Zen master Henry Shukman, and capture what you feel and experience with each look inside, during or after treatment, through user-friendly built-in journaling.

What It Includes

Take our two minute screener to see if you’re a fit for Innerwell

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