Expert Psychotherapy Add-On

$96$92/week for 3 months$150 per therapy session

A comprehensive program that includes ketamine paired with 1:1 therapy provided by licensed therapists and psychiatric clinicians. Your psychotherapist is specially trained to work with you in conjunction with ketamine to address the root causes of your symptoms and problems. Our personalized and collaborative approach to treatment will give you the tools you need to overcome what’s holding you back in life.

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Your Journey with the Foundation Plan + Expert Therapy Add-On

Preparing to Look Inside

If you’re here, you’re probably eager to start treatment with psychedelic medicine. We make the first steps of the process as easy as possible, because knowing that you’re ready is hard work.

  1. Fill Out the Innerwell Screener

    Filling out the screener only takes a few minutes, and it lets us determine if psychedelic medicine is a good fit for you.

  2. Select Your Care Team

    Explore our host of expert psychiatric clinicians and therapists to find the perfect fit. They’ll collaborate on a bespoke care plan for you and be with you every step of the journey.

  3. Receive Your Innerwell Box & Medicine

    Unbox everything you need for comfortable at-home psychedelic therapy, including your first two doses, a plush Innerwell eye mask, a journal, pen, phone stand, and blood pressure cuff.

A First Look Inside

With the help of your dedicated therapist and clinician, you’re ready for your first dose day. We’ll be here before, during and after to make sure your experience is perfect.

  1. Experiencing Your First Two Doses

    Your therapist will co-captain your first two dose days, remaining present throughout. Our therapists are specially trained in psychedelic therapy, and their presence will be invaluable.

  2. Enter Into Self-Guided Doses with Integration Therapy

    Once you’ve got the hang of things, your care plan transitions to self-guided doses with Innerwell-suggested smart dosing windows. Your therapist will be at the ready to help you unpack your experience afterward.

  3. Harnessing Neuroplasticity for Maximum Improvement

    For 1-3 days after each dose your brain will be in a state of neuroplasticity. People describe having a totally new relationship with the world, and therapy is extra effective, so you’ll meet with your Innerwell therapist in this period to optimize your healing.

Healing for a Lifetime

This is a beautiful and enlightening process, and you may never want it to end. With Innerwell, fill the time between treatment with all types of healing and growth.

  1. Checking In With Your Psychiatric Clinician

    You’ll meet with your psychiatric clinician monthly to discuss your progress and symptoms, and you can also talk with them securely at any time during treatment via direct messaging in the Innerwell Portal.

  2. Healing Each Day With the Innerwell Portal

    Decompress with guided meditations from Zen master Henry Shukman, and capture what you feel and experience with each look inside, during or after treatment, through user-friendly built-in journaling.

  3. Connecting With a Community That Gets You

    Get exclusive access to the members-only InnerCircle, where you can connect with experts and others who are going through a healing journey of their own.

What It Includes

Take our two minute screener to see if you’re a fit for Innerwell

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