The Benefits of At-Home Ketamine Therapy vs In-Person Clinics

Anthony Mangia

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Michael Cooper, M.D.

At-home ketamine therapy is quickly becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the traditional in-person experience of going to a ketamine clinic. Not only is it often more affordable and convenient, it's also more comfortable and provides more personalized care than a clinic can provide.

Cost & Convenience

When considering the cost of in-person ketamine treatment at a clinic, many people are surprised by how expensive it can be – often costing twice as much or more than at-home treatment. With at-home therapy, patients are able to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars from their overall bill.


The comfort level of being able to undergo a treatment in your own home cannot be understated either. All too often, clinics can be intimidating environments due to unfamiliarity with medical staff and surroundings. At home, patients are able to relax in an environment that is familiar and comfortable for them – making it easier for them to open up emotionally and experience the full therapeutic benefits of the ketamine experience without feeling uncomfortable in any way. This is especially beneficial for those who suffer from social anxiety or those who may feel intimidated by visiting a clinical setting. 

Personalized Programs & Self-Care Resources

One of the other key advantages of at-home ketamine treatments is that they offer greater flexibility and personalized care than what you might receive at a clinic. For example at Innerwell, we have multiple plan options as well as the ability to supplement your care plan with specialized add-on therapy services from licensed psychotherapists who have been trained in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. These options allow us to tailor our plans around each individual’s unique needs and requirements. 

In addition, the Innerwell program offers support tools like guided meditations by Zen master Henry Shukman, journaling exercises, curated music playlists for accompanying your session and charts that illustrate how your mood and symptoms improve over time as compared to your previous experiences with ketamine treatments. Resources like these are rarely a part of the in-person ketamine experience delivered by most clinics.


Lastly, when you choose an at-home treatment option such as Innerwell’s model you don't have to worry about transportation from the clinic after your session ends like you would if you went there in person, since you won’t be able to drive for a few hours after a ketamine experience. 

In addition, having the flexibility to self-administer ketamine at home makes the process easy and manageable for many people who may have difficulty taking time off work or facing logistical challenges that come with going to an in-person facility. Keep in mind that you’ll still need to coordinate with your Sitter to make sure they’re able to be with you in person for the duration of each of your ketamine sessions.

Who is in-person ketamine treatment best for?

Despite the drawbacks, in-person ketamine treatment at a clinic can be the right choice for you depending on your circumstances. In-person ketamine treatment is best for those who would feel more comfortable with a clinician overseeing each of their sessions. For those who are especially nervous or worried about treatment, having a medical professional available may provide them with added confidence and comfort. In addition, in-person ketamine treatments offer intravenous or intramuscular administration methods which may be preferred for some people, depending on their medical history or circumstances. 


There are numerous benefits associated with choosing an at-home ketamine therapy program over traditional in-person visits, which include saving money while still receiving quality care, convenience due to flexible scheduling, comfort due to being in familiar surroundings, and personalization through tailored care plans. These benefits make choosing an at-home option over traditional clinics an attractive choice for many. If you're weighing the decision between at-home and in-person care, it’s always a good idea to seek the advice of a psychiatric professional who can help you make an informed decision about what's right for you.

FAQs about at-home ketamine therapy with Innnerwell

1. What are the benefits of at-home ketamine therapy?

At-home ketamine therapy is highly convenient and cost-effective, as it allows patients to receive quality care without having to travel to a clinic. It also provides a very safe and comfortable setting that allows patients the time they need to process their experience in the privacy of their own home. Benefits may include improved mood, decreased anxiety, and improved sleep quality. 

2. What are the benefits of going to a ketamine clinic?

Going to a ketamine clinic offers certain advantages that can't be achieved at home. For example, clinics provide direct supervision by medical professionals who can closely monitor symptoms and side effects while administering the ketamine treatments. Some patients may have a stressful home environment, so undergoing treatment at a clinic may be more relaxing for them. 

3. How does ketamine work?

Ketamine works by blocking nerve signals within the brain that are associated with depression and anxiety, giving patients an increased ability to manage their symptoms and feel better over time. It rapidly increases communication between neurons in the brain which stimulates neural pathways for fast relief from depressive symptoms like sadness, fatigue, and low motivation.

4. How is at-home ketamine therapy administered?

At-home ketamine therapy is generally administered orally via rapid dissolve tablets that are held in the mouth with periodic swishing for approximately ten minutes to facilitate absorption.. This form of administration is fast-acting, convenient, and easy to regulate dosing levels depending on each patient’s individual needs. 

5. How many ketamine therapy sessions are needed?

We don't believe in one-size-fits all care so our plans are personalized to each patient's unique needs based on factors such as severity of symptoms and overall health condition of the patient. Patients begin treatment with either our 8-dose or 24-dose programs, and undergo a proprietary dose-finding process to reach the optimal dose and frequency of treatment. Most patients undergo either weekly or twice weekly ketamine sessions for the duration of their plan.

6. Is ketamine therapy right for me?

Ketamine therapy is right for you if you are experiencing moderate to severe depression that has not responded positively to other forms of treatment such as psychotherapy or medication management alone. Patients who have responded to ketamine generally find long-lasting relief from their symptoms with many reporting complete remission of depression after only several treatments! If you think you may benefit from ketamine therapy, you can take our patient screener or reach out to Innerwell at or call us at (909) 679-3482.

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